Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sandwich of Happiness

A lot of my post on here are bitter, cynical and/or twisted.  To try and redress the balance and bring a little joy to the world, I thought I'd give the much-loved "Sandwich Method" a try.  For the uninducted, the idea is that you offer a compliment, then criticism in the middle, followed by another compliment - compliments being the bread, as it were.  So, lets give it a try, shall we?  I'll start with a list of things i don't like, and try to come up with good points to counteract all the negativity.


Good: Is named after a very obscure character in the Discwold novels
Bad: Is a very bad commentator who has practically no redeeming features as a figurehead in esports.
Good: Is unable to enter American soil, meaning he is effectively barred from 75% of major tournaments.

SK Gaming
Good: Has had some of the most successful esports teams in history.
Bad: Pretty much everything else.
Good: The coat they gave me at IEM 2010 is very warm.

Good: Puts on SC2 tournaments for fans to enjoy.
Bad: Pretty much everything else.
Good: Their stream adverts are a bit less annoying than they used to be.

Good: Know a lot about Starcraft
Bad: Talk an awful load of bollocks during GSL matches
Good: Erm... they like animals?

Ah, I can just feel my soul getting lighter already.  Is that a rainbow outside?  Not likely, since it's 21:40 in the middle of October, but you get the idea.

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