Friday, 28 January 2011

Carmac talks about IEM Europe

So, the dust has settled on the IEM European finals. Sjow won the SC2 tournament in highly impressive fashion and I think people want to know what a Bronze league player thinks about his performance.

Carmac: Well, as a bronze league player I'm not completely sure how excellent he was, but it definitely looked erm... good from my perspective.

White-ra had been seeminly infallible in recent weeks and maintained that form right the way to the finals of IEM Europe. Did you see any faults in his play in the final, or was it all about Sjow's excellence?

Carmac: As a bronze league player it's difficult to criticize a player like White-ra. Certainly, erm... he's better than me. But i think you should come back tomorrow and ask a pro gamer because i'm only erm... only a bronze league player

What do you think was the difference between the two players?

Carmac: As you know, erm... I'm only a bronze league player, but I think it was Sjow's control of erm... the Mega, no... Medivacs. The way he kept coole- erm... White-ra on his toes was highly impressive, and certainly not something you see in the bronze league.

Apart from Sjow, which players impressed you the most in Kiev?

Well, as a bronze league player, I was hugely impressed by everyone. Cloud's commentary was particularly erm... good when he replaced me, since I'm just a bronze league stand-in.

Thanks for your time.