Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Rounding up the Round-of-Eight

The GSL is probably the world's premiere SC2 tournament in terms of raw skill.  This season's round-of-eight taught us a lot about the current meta game, so instead of bitching about commentators and slagging of MLG, I decided to get back to some coverage writing.


Tuesday's matches taught us some fascinating lessons.  We found out that Tastless likes Lions more than Tigers and that he twisted his ankle a couple of weeks ago.  In the second match of the day we learned that Artosis doesn't really like chocolate.  Also, some marines got built.

Today we saw an incredible series which taught us an important SC2 lesson: Dark Side Jedis always have red light sabres.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to learn what Doa and Moletrap had for breakfast, but we were treated to that on the first day of IPL and not every game can be super exciting.

Seriously, does anyone from GomTV actually listen to Tastosis' commentary?  Or is that just normal?  Are the tourrettes-suffering Korean commentators actually yelling at the top of their voices about what kind of candy they like best and how hard it is to buy Doritos?  As a disclaimer, I generally enjoy Doa's commentary, and he is much less prone to talking irrelevant nonsense than Tasteless and Artosis.

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