Monday, 19 September 2011

lol at LoL players

So, for those that don't know, I finally gave in and started playing LoL.  I hated DoTA back in the day, and i tried and hated HoN (i uninstalled it after a single game).  But LoL somehow has stuck, and i'm currently half way through level 19.  I still don't think MOBA/ARTS games are suitable for esports, but whatever, that's not the point of tonight's blog.

One thing that really, really pisses me off about LoL is its players.  Since the summer holidays ended, i don't have to deal with as many "noob," "lucker," and "lucker noob" comments (there was a point where i seriously thought that every LoL player only knew these two words).  But people still don't know when to fucking quit.  The surrender system in 3v3 is utterly flawed, because there will almost always be one moron who refuses to surrender, and for some reason a 2:1 vote isn't enough.

To be fair, my time isn't particularly precious, but i'd still rather not have an hour a day wasted in games that are BLATANTLY FUCKING FINISHED.  The trouble is that ending a LoL game can be pretty rough.  It's by design that you can't just run three heroes into the base and kill the Nexus, obviously.  But this allows the "noob" brigade to camp the last tower and make the game last ten minutes longer.  Any sane person can see that, when you've lost two towers to zero, their heroes are an average of a level higher than yours and the kill ratio is 2:10, the game is over.  But nope, these mongoloids refuse to surrender and continue in their inept attempts to somehow snatch victory, despite the fact that their efforts in the previous 20 minutes have done little but feed experience to the opponents.

Give me strength!

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