Thursday, 29 September 2011

Get Rich Quick Scheme

Here's an idea from the bitter, twisted genii (the correct pluralisation of genius, by the way, EG) at ESFI World's Skype chat.

Step one: Obtain a camera.  It doesn't have to be spectacular, just fit for purpose.

Step two: Attend an esports event and film stock footage of crowds and players in action.  A few minutes will be enough, but feel free to get more if you're feeling energetic.

Step three: Edit the footage together with a few random clips of in-game footage.  Visit if this is a problem. You will need to install the game in question, also.

Step four: Add a soundtrack of epic music and intersperse commentary throughout.

Step five: Launch a website, release a completed trailer on Team Liquid and open a PayPal account for donations.

Step six: Profit!

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