Monday, 4 July 2011

Independence day for you, International WTF day for me

Ever since last week's announcement by ESL that they will be swapping Quake for LoL in the upcoming IEM season, i've been struggling to put my thoughts into a word document.  It's a complicated situation from my perspective, and every time i tried to write it end up kinda schizophrenic and confused.

So after a week of frustrating confusion, I hoped for some nice simple news to try and get back into column-writing this week.  Then suddenly, the league that most intelligent people bitch about more than any other (MLG, in case you didn't catch the reference) is streaming Quake games today.  WTF IS HAPPENING?!

Next they'll be ditching the extended series and playing real games at their tournaments instead of Console shooters.  Okay, maybe not.

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