Thursday, 21 July 2011

EG in Staff Stealing Shock!

It became apparent today that the much respected Team EG has been stealing staff from other organisations.  In the Wild West era of esports in which we live, signing staff from another website is unregulated, which leads to what the football world calls "tapping up."  This refers to the concept of talking to someone who is currently working for another company, trying to convince him/her to join yours.

But Team EG overstepped the mark by finally recruiting Marcus  "DJWheat" Graham.  Rumours of him joining EG have been rife since he commentated on everything they have ever done.  He was also spotted alongside many of the Evil Geniuses staff  during events on countless occassions.

The other guy from One More Game, SirScoots (also of, er, EG) said "tune into LO3 where we'll announce which episode of Weapon of Choice we will use to make this news public."

Meanwhile, DJWheat felt betrayed by the move.  "You raise a caster from scratch, even before esports begun in 2010, and then he betrays you.  My move to EG feels like a slap in my own face." 


  1. This article is pure gold. You da man, Zechs.

  2. A week late, but oh dear did I laugh.