Friday, 1 October 2010

A much needed break in Spain

Well, i'm heading off to Spain today and, although the timing is a bit awkward, (WCG probably the last major WC3 event ever as well as GSL finals tomorrow) for me it's much needed. My coverage output has been average-to-low, and my creative/original content has been non-existent lately.

Frankly, SC2 is a bit intimidating and frustrating. I feel like a noob all over again. Despite being 'okay' at the game there is a lot more English-language content to contend with and people who are already well known thanks to their SC:BW fame. In WC3, quality English media was much less prevalent since the game was never really popular in America or England.

On top of that there is almost zero opinion-based content around nowadays. I've been toying with an article about this for a while, but it's quite frustrating when you're the only one putting your neck out and risking your reputation. Back in the Carmac era of SK we had several writers who would write columns and various other sites were doing it too (though, not with the same high level of results), which made it much easier to ignore the moronic flames. But in recent months 'the column' seems to have died off, including my own Zechs Files.

For me, it's hard to stay motivated recently. I feel a bit like i was a big fish in a small pond, but now SC2 has come along the pond has flooded. Team Liquid is now a relevant entity to me, as are all the clone-like American SC2 commentators ("Wow!"). Commentary was something i'd considered for about 18 months in WC3's dying days, but now SC2 has come along with a huge plethora of irritating mono-syllabic yanks and i feel a bit like i missed the boat. I didn't, and there's plenty of time for new blood in such a new game, but it FEELS like i did.

On top of that, i feel pretty out of the loop these days. Journalism is about connectivity, networking and contact-making - all thinks i'm not very good at. I was supposed to do an interview with Morrow recently, but i still haven't prepared fully, 3 weeks after he agreed to do it. This makes it all the more frustrating when SK doesn't send me to tournaments - the main reason i got into esports writing in the first place. Meanwhile, Duncan, who i was originally told would "not be attending any events at all," continues to attend every event under the sun, even cherry picking the ones he doesn't like (he didn't go to ESWC because he "doesn't get on with France.")

Yes, call me bitter, i am. That's why i hope this ill-timed excursion to Spain with my wonderful girlfriend's family will give me some perspective. Better yet, maybe it will give me some inspiration to write again. Otherwise, it might be time to enquire about MYM again.

Adios para ahora!

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