Sunday, 29 August 2010

How Infi helped me to love SC2 even more

When SC2 first started to kill off my beloved WC3 i was naturally upset. So many great memories, so many legendary matches consigned to memory - never to be added to. Luckily, it turns out that SC2 is a fantastic game anyway (surprise, right?) but at times i still pine for the old WC3 days.

Ironically, it was a replay from a WC3 pro - WCG winner, Infi - that helped me move on. I was watching a game of his against an Asian zerg named PanDaLuffy (at least that's what the website said, the in-game text was Korean). His playstyle transcended the boundary between the War- and Star- prefixes. I've noticed that a large proportion of ex-WC3 players pick up terran in SC2, especially the human players. But Infi was the first that i've seen actually make building armour upgrades. Masonry for life, baby!

So thank-you, Infi for reminding me that no matter how cheesy SC2 can be at times, at least building armour upgrades is totally ineffective (in case you were wondering, he lost the game). Raise a glass to a competitive RTS future free of mass towers - cheers!

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