Saturday, 31 March 2012


Without trying to brag, one thing i've always prided myself on is my ability to disagree with someone without having to automatically dislike them or insult them.  Being able to see two sides of a story is important to a journalist, but it is something that i've always felt should be important to any intelligent person.

Not so, says the internet.

Ever since my columns on SK got me some amount of noteriety, this is something i've tried to come to terms with.  The general principal goes something like this: "i don't agree with what you wrote, ergo you're a fucking idiot."  To me, that's always seemed kind of... unfair.

When i had a little dig at DJWheat for being a bit self-righteous a while ago, i was at pains to explain how i respect his contribution to esports.  I was probably bending the truth slightly since i'm no huge fan of his, but you have to have some respect for a person who's been relevant in esports for so long.  Did he bother to do me the same courtesy in his criticism?  Of course not.  He accused me of "throwing him under the bus for years."  I guess those "news" posts (and i use the term very loosely) i made on SK advertising his Lo3 show really offended him, since i never mentioned him in any of my other content.

Thatt might seem like just one small, unimportant anecdote, but this post was actually inspired by Lurppis running his mouth on a subject of which he is clearly ignorant.  When the pillars of our community (Lord, save us!) can be so narrow minded, it sets a pretty poor example for everyone else.  There will always be trolls; the annonymity of the internet is well enough discussed that i don't need to bother going into that.  But if people who are  respected in the community can show a bit of perspective and maturity, we might at least minimise the number of people who think it's okay to lack those qualities.

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