Saturday, 23 April 2011

English lessons for commentators

Despite (okay, because of) the fact that most major Western esports commentators are American, they apparently can't speak English.  Good job they can shout "oh my god" and "I love this play" otherwise they'd just be noisy, irritating, wait... what?  Here are some simple lessons for any commentator, whether they're a budding upcomer or a veteran of yelling "ohhhhhhhh!"
  • One Colossus; many Colossi (pron. col-oss-eye).
  • "Wary of cheese" is not the same as "weary of cheese."
  • The Day9 Rule: you can't just put "of" in front of every word, e.g. "too good of shape."
  • "Casted" is not a word.  The past tense of cast is just cast.
  • There are no degrees of perfect.  Something is either perfect or it isn't; it cannot be "quite perfect."
  • Can Terran players pick up an opponent's base?  No?  Then they can't drop it either.
Probably more to come.  Many more.

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