Friday, 18 June 2010

(soul)Shards of memory

So, this isn't exactly an esports blog today, but it is about WoW.

I was playing on my warlock earlier and i figured that i never ever ran out of soulshards. Really, i don't think i've ever had zero, or even close to zero. So that means that at least one of my 28 Soulshards must be some kind of level ten Defias Brotherhood mob of some kind.

I'm not a roleplayer by any means, but i found it pretty interesting anyway. I wonder if i've got any interesting souls in my collection - i know my warlock spent a lot of time in SSC back in the day. Maybe i've been carrying The Lurker in my bags for three years and never realised.

I wonder if there's an addon, or some other way to find out what's in there, just for curiosity's sake.

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