Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I'm not saying it's imbalanced, but...

Like most people, i fast-forward through chunks of replays. When an undead is healing up in his base, or both armies are creeping, it's pretty hard to stay interested. But i noticed something vaguely amusing (hi, Tash!) when i was watching The Return of Lucifer replays just now.

I had been skipping through some non-action when Lucifer's orc opponent showed up for a fight. I quickly spammed the "-" key seven times to get back to normal speed. Except, i was following the blademater, and he moved so fast with boots that i pressed it again and didn't realise for about 10 seconds that i was on 1/2 speed . It's not the first time that's happened either.

Now i'm really not saying he's imbalanced, but...

1 comment:

  1. I watch most of the replays on normal speed,unlike everyone else obviously. It just feels like the quality of the game is higher when u see it the way it's supposed to be seen. Besides, u learn more when u dont just speed through the whole thing